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Adulteress Anonymous

    How should a nineteen year-old virgin respond to being treated by her first lover with a self-denying restraint she never expected? And which matters more to an adulteress – friendship or fidelity? To these, and other aspects of romantic (and not so romantic) love, this novel has provocative answers. A tale of enduring passion and emotional immaturity illuminated by the tolerant acceptance of human frailty. The farcical and the serious, the poetic and the sensual, the philosophical and the earthy, all contrive to make an unlikely whole. Frances is intelligent, enraptured, yet fraught and scatty. And Daniel? Read on… And discover how an impossible situation is resolved to the satisfaction of everyone – including Detective-Inspector Blazer. But will the solution last? What will happen now to the local chapter of Adulteresses Anonymous? Both a celebration and an affectionate satire. Touching, funny, enchanting..

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