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Is There A Doctor On Board?

Is There A Doctor On Board?

If you have chosen to read Is There A Doctor On Board? before Accepting The Odd Goat you may miss the explanation I give for writing these pieces in the latterís introduction. Well, Google may well have included it in the excerpts they have chosen to reveal from the latter. But if not, perhaps I should repeat here that I do not regard my life as sufficiently interesting to merit even the rather scrappy and grossly truncated autobiography that Goat represents. No, my motive in writing both books was to record before it is too late an eyewitness account of what it was like to be a junior doctor, and later a more senior one, in the National Health Service in the mid-late 20th century.

I canít say who will be interested, apart from my contemporaries (who, however, are dying out) or their long-suffering spouses and children Maybe historians. That sounds presumptuous, and in a way it is. But such first-hand scribblings have proved quite valuable in the past (think of Samuel Pepys) and may do again. And if nothing else, these stories, and my follies, should entertain you. Apart from which, they make a decentish Christmas or birthday present for the medic in your life, do they not?