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On my site you can see details of my Novels, Poetry, and Non Fiction.

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They are all available to purchase here.

Orders direct from this site arrive quickly and are delivered by post. Although the shipping cost is added, a discount on the recommended retail price is given in part compensation. This may vary in amount. Other internet sites and booksellers have to obtain copies via Narcissus Books and are therefore slower. Not all of them accept the discounts possible at present, and may not be able to fulfil orders.


My profound thanks are owed to Peter Oliver (peteroliver@wanadoo.fr) for his striking and perceptive cover  designs for all my books. I am particularly grateful to Adrian Stevens (info@AdrianStevens.com) for his excellent website design. Lastly, Fiona Barltrop has been indispensable, and indefatigable.



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