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An Ornament To His Profession

    When Charles Mallory, a physician, attends a routine road accident, it is the trigger of a process which will destroy him, but paradoxically, redeem him too. A tale of psychology and action which draws the reader inexorably onwards in a tightly plotted crescendo to its poignant conclusion. The threads of professional and personal crises, the result of thoughtless decisions made in youth by all the principal characters, are woven into a rope of consequence. The story is complex, subtle, and ambiguous, and beset by dramatic ironies.

The sympathies of women readers, in particular, are likely to vary and conflict as the story proceeds. A novel of emotion for those who think, and of intelligence for those who feel.

    “I indulged in a most enjoyable two days reading it. A great page turner, full of interesting ideas and essential life. Light years ahead of most first novels.” Angela Huth

“Credible and touching. Much to admire, in particular the dialogue. A proper sense of pace and a good ear.” Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson      (go to top)

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